Coach vs. Cat

The other night, Coach mentioned that we’ve been seeing each other for five months. Knowing damn well how long we’ve been seeing each other, I said “Oh my god! Has it really been that long!” in a way that I think was pretty convincing. #ThatswhyIminoredindrama He doesn’t know that I have a weird thing where … More Coach vs. Cat

Anyone Here Single?

I went away this weekend. I attempted to write something but ended up drinking three mini boxes of wine with a straw. Unfortunately for me, writing and wine don’t quite mix (but remember what does pair well with wine?) So my irregular blog schedule continues. I promise it’s something I’m working on fixing! So naturally … More Anyone Here Single?

The Dreaded DTR

So it’s been nearly a week since my last post. I’ve been pretty busy wrapping up at work and getting ready for the new job. I also had friends visit last weekend and somehow had the most hectic social life I’ve had in a while. But even with that craziness, it’s not exactly why I … More The Dreaded DTR

Let’s Get Naked!

When I was little my mom would take me with her when she went shopping. Clothing stores were the my favorite because back in the early 1990s all of the clothes were hung on circular racks…and I used to sneak off and hide inside them. Of course. While I may have gotten lost once or … More Let’s Get Naked!

When a Guy Says He Wants to Date an Independent Woman…

The other night I was out with a friend and we started talking about dating. My friend is very independent and an all around bad ass. She’s not actively dating. It’s not the focus. She’s busy working two jobs, putting herself through school, going to the gym, keeping up with friends, etc. Like I said, … More When a Guy Says He Wants to Date an Independent Woman…