Hi, I’m Jenn.

Like most women my age, I like dancing, Beyoncé, good food, and strong drinks. I also enjoy staying home and watching hours of Netflix with my cat and a bottle of red wine. I am not unique.

I recently turned 27 and entered my late twenties…which is fine, except that apparently this is the age when I’m supposed to get my shit together, figure out what I want to do career-wise, and find someone to spend my life with.

Now, the first two seem pretty doable (I say, having only gotten out of bed to make waffles today. They were protein waffles, soooo). Sure, my savings account is basically nonexistent, and I have to Google how to make coffee if anyone asks, but I’m an adult. Within the last two years, I:

  • Fought for and received a promotion at work and created a new position for myself;
  • Taught myself how run, became more aware of what I put in my body and lost 40 pounds;
  • Lost my virginity (Note: it did not weigh 40 pounds and I was not holding onto it for any particular reason) and started putting myself out there romantically; and
  • Moved from a house with four women and one bathroom into a nicer (but smaller and more expensive) apartment with my sister and our cat.

But, I’m not exactly sure about that last one.

How am I supposed to find someone to spend my life with when meeting in real life has become obsolete and most dating app conversations don’t last three sentences. It doesn’t help that “But Honey, don’t you want to find someone?” is basically my Mother’s new mantra. Of course I want to find someone, Mother.

Anyways… this blog is to document this part of my life and share my experiences, questions, and thoughts on health and fitness, developing a career, male suitors, and drinks I drink with whoever might want to read about it.

– JB