A Perfect Fit: ZIYA Active

Losing weight has been great for me. It’s been a journey! One that has its ups and downs and challenges me every day. One thing I didn’t anticipate when I decided over three years ago to make a lifestyle change, was how frustrating clothes can become.

I know, I know… why am I complaining about when I’m slowly shrinking and can now squeeze my ass into a size 12 jean? But if I calculated how much money I’ve spent on new clothes every time I go down a size, I would probably hyperventilate.

The first 20lbs was okay, and honestly I still have some clothes that fit me fine… but then there are blouses that I now swim in, and pants that are baggy in all the wrong places. I mean I started as a size 18… and those were pretty tight.

But recently I’ve noticed that my workout clothes are too big! My workout pants, which I typically get at TJMAXX or Marshall’s are now so loose that I can’t even really run or do Zumba in them. At least not without constantly yanking them up as high as possible. Camel toe anyone? #NoThanks

I finally bought two pairs of my usual pants in a size L. I cannot remember a time I wore a size L pants… not even in men’s sizing!

A friend of mine noticed how much I was working out and sent me a pair of workout pants from ZIYA Active, hoping that they might be just what I needed. And they definitely are!

I ordered the Wine Pocket LightnTight Hi-Rise Capris. Partially because they had the word wine in their name, but mostly because they looked dark enough not to show ass sweat.

It took two tries to get the right size because like anyone who’s done the weight loss thing, I have no idea what my sizes are in new clothes and I have a slightly warped idea of how big I am. Or small. So at first I ordered an XXL. I knew they were too big instantly… But when the XL came in the mail and I was thrilled to try them on!


  • The fabric is SO soft! The first thing I did was stick my leg out at my sister and make her feel them. Soft enough but still athletic and thick enough so the person behind you at yoga can’t read what day it is on your weekday panties.
  • They have pockets! Who doesn’t love pockets?! And pockets are really necessary when you’re working out. The fact that the majority of women’s clothing doesn’t have good pockets drives me crazy (but that’s a rant for another time), so these having pockets is great! I’m also a repeat offender of the phone in bra at the gym move. Since I mostly do weights at the gym, having the pockets was something I definitely had to get used to.
  • The color is gorgeous. I was right about not being able to see sweat marks… at least not to an awkward extent. Black is still obviously the best to hide it, but for a dark color, the wine is pretty legit.
  • They are the perfect length! I’m also 5’10” so I constantly struggle with Capri pants being to short and ridding up to behind my knees – which is incredibly annoying and uncomfortable when your running. These are pretty long capris and actually might be considered ankle length. It works for me but if you’re a short lady, they might feel too long.


  • My only complaint about the pants is that the cool stitching design hits me right behind the knees (probably because of my height) unless I pull them up a lot. Which I do, since clearly I have some sensory issues with things behind my knees #AskMyMomAboutMySockSeams

Overall these are some legit, quality leggings. I’ve only worn them two or three times so far, but I’ve washed them and they’ve held up. No shrinking and no random threads that look like you have a tail. There are so many colors and patterns and I’m seriously considering buying at least two more pairs.

I highly recommend you check it out!

*This is a promotional post for ZIYA Active RI – independent rep and I received these pants for free in exchange for highlighting on my blog*


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