Me vs. Coach

How is it already March 1st?! Did February even happen? I really don’t understand where the month went… and where the year is going. Okay, that was a bit dramatic – it is only March. But you get what I’m saying.

Anyways, let’s rewind a bit…

The last Sunday of January, Coach was feeling like he needed some motivation to be healthy, and since I’ve always struggled with eating well when I’m around him – he doesn’t have the best diet – I thought, awesome, here’s my chance to encourage him to eat better and not feel like I’m missing out when we go out and he orders loaded buffalo mac and cheese!

So after thinking and researching a bit, I went to him with a proposition. (Not that kind!) I’d been looking around at weight loss programs and diet bets, etc. and saw that 4% of your body weight is a very common and attainable amount of weight to lose in a month. And I wanted something quick – a jump start of sorts. Something that we wouldn’t lose focus on. It sounded perfect.

I went to Coach and I told him about my idea: lose 4% in one month.

We weighed in. He was at 245 and I was at 217. We’d just had burritos for dinner and I’d been away for the weekend visiting my friend, so I was not surprised that I came in higher than expected. To meet the goal, I’d have to lose 8.7lbs and he’d have to lose 9.8lbs. It made sense to me – I really wanted to get back on track and see 199. He said he wanted to be at 225.

But then he said he wasn’t sure.

After a few minutes, he came back to me with a counter proposition. He wanted to see 225, and to do that we would lose 8% of our body weight over TWO months.


I asked if we would have any benchmarks. He said we would split it into two, so we’d aim for 4% each month.

#EyeRoll. I agreed.

Sidebar – Is this declining/denying your idea but then basically saying that same shit you just said like it’s about to win a Nobel Prize thing something only men do? I’m definitely not picking this battle, like sure, babe, what a great idea YOU have. Smh.

Our bet was this: If he hit the first month goal, I’d treat him to a massage. If I hit it, he’d treat me to a mani pedi. I was definitely motivated.

So I kickstarted my efforts. I kept the drinking to a minimum, I ate salads for lunch. I got back into a gym routine. By February 7th I saw 207.4. But I struggled with the weekends so my weight would sneak back up, and then hit a low by then end of the work week.

About a week in, Coach weighed in. He was down 1lb. He was excited about it. A few days later, he weighed in again and was up 1lb. Back to 245. I remember him being discouraged and he said something like “well you’re definitely going to win.”

Once I realized that him being discouraged was basically him phoning it in, I decided I had two options: A) compete against him, knowing I would do better than him even if I didn’t hit the goal; or B) compete against myself, knowing that I could absolutely win. I chose the second.

It’s March 1st and I definitely did win. I weighed in yesterday at 207.2! Down 9.8lbs.

I’m thrilled and am that much closer to seeing 199! I ended the month on a positive note. I’ve run 26.81 miles since the year started. I’m noticing physical differences. I feel stronger. And I even went to yoga last night.

I don’t know how Coach did. I mean, I can imagine. I know he went to the gym and about two weeks ago I started helping him meal prep. So overall, I do think he’s done better and made healthier choices. But I also know that when we were away this weekend, he chose to get two orders of ski lodge chicken fingers instead of snacking on the fruits, veggies, humus and popcorn I packed.

The idea was that we both would win. Don’t get me wrong, I would not mind not paying for him to get a massage… but I would really like him to succeed and reach his goal. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do to make him put in the work to get there. It will have to be his choice.

So here’s to an even better March! Another 4% to go… and guess where I’ll be when I win?! 199! Here I come! But, can the month please not go by so fast.


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