Ass ass ass ass…

Hi. My name is Jenn…

…And I have lost my ass.

It happened all of a sudden really. I hadn’t noticed the little changes because I’d been distracted by all the other changes. I’ve recently passed the 50lb hurtle and am speeding toward 60 on the weight loss journey highway.

See, I’d been paying too much attention to the fact that my thighs no longer chafe uncontrollably when I wear dresses and walk to work. I’d been spending too much time admiring the ever so slight, but newly formed, definition on my abdomen (thanks oblique machine). And beyond anything, I’d been to concerned with a strange feeling that my boobs were shrinking. See, having small boobs does not align with my personal brand as a cleavage bearing, waterbed-boob flaunting lady.

But the other day, I had no choice but to acknowledge the truth.

My sister and I were hanging out in the kitchen (the nucleus of my humble abode), and she just looked at me and and started giggling uncontrollably and said some older sister shit like

You have no boobs!

I grabbed them (knowing that they used to not fit in my hands) and said some younger sister shit like “Ugh, bitch, I know!” And turned my body away from her. That made her stop laughing just long enough to say some other older sister shit…

Oh my god and you have a pancake butt, too!

My hands immediately clasped my ass.

If you ever need someone to be supportive in your time of need, especially if it has to do with having a “pancake butt”, my sister is not that person.

So I’m standing in the kitchen feeling my back side and she’s just sitting at the table, giggling uncontrollably. And all I could think was “shit”.

Now, I’m extremely happy with my progress. I’m enjoying doing weight training and running. I’m at my family’s beach house this weekend in Maine and I even woke up this morning and ran 4.2 miles.

And I knew my body would change… but there’s something a little weird and sad about losing the parts of your body that you thought defined you.

What I have to come to terms with is that my ass-n-titties did not define me. They were just a security blanket and my confidence in them was a way to counter the insecurities I had about other parts of my body.

That said, I’m not trying to have a pancake butt. I’ve seen too many of those memes and videos where a girl is positioned in a certain way that makes it looks like she has a nice fatty and then she stands up and her bum is basically concave.

So… starting this week I’m going to be doing all the squats and lunges and all those other moves to help build a booty.

I’m no expert in working out… at all actually. So I’m just here to read stuff online and share it with y’all…

Oh and Instagram! A friend from college does some pretty cool shit on her account (gigglingfit) and recently did a whole set of videoson booty workouts… which I’m going to have to do ASAP.

Gigglingfit Booty Workout

Check out her account, and feel free to share any booty tips you have!


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