Who’s on First?

So remember the guy I hooked up with over Christmas? No? At my housewarming party? Still no?…

Well, he’s in law school in another state and we’ve kept in touch off and on since the holidays. He’s was back in Boston last week and while I’m 99.999% positive whatever relationship we would have would be 100% sex, I enjoy catching up every so often and have looked forward to the possibility of getting together again.

We were supposed to get together… but didn’t.

So remember the guy that’s a friend of a friend who I made out with on St. Patrick’s Day? Sounds familiar? I’ll call him Lucky.

Well I’ve seen him one or two times since. Always in a group or unexpectedly. But last week he texted me to see what I was up to the next day.

We went to the Red Sox game and walked around Boston until like 11:00pm. On a school night! And then he came back to my apartment, we made out a bit, and talked until 2:00am. I went to work the next day completely exhausted but needless to say, it was a great night!

The thing that bothered me (only a little) was that I didn’t even think to invite Coach to the game… despite his love for all things sports. Why? Well over the last two weeks I’ve been wondering if I really see things with Coach lasting. For the long run. And tbh, I’m still not sure. It’s not that I don’t like him, but I’ve been getting more and more frustrated with our conflicting communication styles and sometimes don’t feel as appreciated in the relationship/situationship as I would like. This does not mean I’m going to up and stop seeing Coach…but I am a bit more aware of what I want out of the relationship and

I have come to terms with it possibly being a “for now” relationship as opposed to a “forever” one.

After my date(?) with Lucky, I was glad for the change of pace. Coach and I would have likely gone to the game, come home, had sex, and gone to bed. My Mom recently told me, “variety is the spice of life”… I’m not sure she’s talking about dating, but whatever.

Anyways, I had fun! And I cannot remember the last time I spent that many hours talking to someone about nothing and everything at the same time. We talked about our families, friends, travels. He’s in school and his brain was clearly in finals mode so he told me all about how the body processes fat and alcohol, and about a final project he did on the environmental effects of a meteor crashing into a part of Russia and how he used this cool technology to do maps and predictions around snow and vegetation. Coach and I talk. But not like that…

So the question is: who’s on first?

Coach still.

(Not the law school guy, though I’ll probably end up seeing him this summer if I ever get my act together and get my ass to NYC to visit friends.)

But spending time with Lucky helped me think about my relationship with Coach… well really my relationships with anyone in the future.

The thing with Lucky is that is: 1) he’s back in school for the summer. It’s nearby enough but still maybe a 45 minute drive into Boston for him. So he’s busy. And 2) he explicitly told me he didn’t want me to “get the wrong idea” about what any of this means. Aka he’s not looking for a relationship…

Number two may or may not have been because I told him I liked him. I had to explain that I meant I liked him as a person, etc. and while I could not say that I didn’t need two men to have toothbrushes at my apartment, I assured him that I was not looking for a relationship. With him. At this time.

I really enjoyed talking to him. And spending time with him. We have a lot in common. Plus, he’s a pretty good kisser, sooooo…. I’m not opposed to seeing him again.

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