Ass ass ass ass…

Hi. My name is Jenn… …And I have lost my ass. It happened all of a sudden really. I hadn’t noticed the little changes because I’d been distracted by all the other changes. I’ve recently passed the 50lb hurtle and am speeding toward 60 on the weight loss journey highway. See, I’d been paying too … More Ass ass ass ass…

Who’s on First?

So remember the guy I hooked up with over Christmas? No? At my housewarming party? Still no?… Well, he’s in law school in another state and we’ve kept in touch off and on since the holidays. He’s was back in Boston last week and while I’m 99.999% positive whatever relationship we would have would be … More Who’s on First?

Can a Ghost be a Friendly Ghost When it Comes to Dating?

Confession: I have this irrational (?) fear that at some point Coach will ghost me. Even though another part of me thinks that after dating someone for five months (see Coach vs. Cat), the acceptable ghosting period has long passed. But hey, people have done worse! For those of you living under a rock… or … More Can a Ghost be a Friendly Ghost When it Comes to Dating?

Coach vs. Cat

The other night, Coach mentioned that we’ve been seeing each other for five months. Knowing damn well how long we’ve been seeing each other, I said “Oh my god! Has it really been that long!” in a way that I think was pretty convincing. #ThatswhyIminoredindrama He doesn’t know that I have a weird thing where … More Coach vs. Cat