Noom Noom Noom Noom (I want you in my room)

Anddd now you have that song stuck in my head. And so do you.

It’s been 5 days since I joined Noom and I’ve lost 5lbs – thanks to my newfound motivation (I mean if I’m going to pay for a program, I’m going to get my money’s worth).

I’ve followed the program every day – logging my food, reading the literature, meeting my step goals. And tbh, it’s not bad. It’s not a waste of time, and the daily weigh-ins make sense to me. While there are a lot of different theories on how often one should weigh themselves, doing it daily was how I held myself accountable before, and Noom seems to agree. The simple fact that I take the scale out every morning when I wake up sets my day in a positive and focused direction. “It’s psychology”, they say.

So at first I wasn’t sure about the food part of the program and I was a little frustrated that they didn’t quickly introduce logging exercise (that’s on the agenda for tomorrow). But after living it, it makes sense. I did have to reduce the speed in which I wanted to lose weight because my initial calorie bucket was 1,200 and much too low for me. I raised it up to 1,400 and because of how much I walk, the program automatically adds calories to my bucket so really I’m working with about 1,600. Better for me.

Noom breaks down food into color groups: Green, Yellow, Red. While obviously the goal is to eat more Green and Yellow foods and less Red foods, one of the things I like is that the colors are more like guidelines… you should be eating more foods that fall into the Green category. Buttttt you can eat Red foods.

Like yesterday I got strong armed into lunch (pizza) meeting with a client (who makes and sells cookies and brought us some to try), and there was no way I could just say “no, thank you” to any of it. Both pizza and cookies fall into the Red category (eat less). So I thought about positive and negative environmental triggers (something Noom teaches you about) and I just practiced good portion control. Two slices of a small pizza and one cookie were not going to derail me from my mission. Four slices of pizza and three cookies, would have.

In addition to logging my food and attempting to stick to the color food system and my allotted calories, I’ve stuck to my gym schedule! (Even though I haven’t yet learned how to log exercise). Monday, Wednesday, Friday at the YMCA that is just steps from my work. Did I mention that if the gym is not conveniently located, I will not go?

At the beginning of the week I was feeling a little “eh” (still recovering from being sick last week) so I decided I’d walk hill intervals. Pro tip for when you don’t feel like running on a treadmill but still want to get a workout: hills burn a lot of calories and make that booty wurk. Cautionary tale: treadmills on an incline create balance problems in the less coordinated (me).

By Friday I was running the flatter part of the intervals and breaking all the sweats. You can’t see my back sweat in this pic but neck sweat is a thing…

Before I left, I even scheduled a consultation session with a trainer. Every YMCA offers a “Get Started” session – 2 half hour sessions with a trainer where they learn about your goals and limitations and then teach you a bit about the machines and different exercises you can do. And since I paid the little extra for a personalized workout plan from Noom, I’m planning on bringing that to the trainer for some extra guidance. #BOOM Getting my money’s worth.

We’ll see how it goes as I get further into the program! Onto day six and seven. The weekend. Easter brunch is tomorrow and I’m telling y’all know that I will make good decisions… and probably skip the mimosa. But bloody Mary’s are a vegetable, right?!

Side note, I’m not being paid (or threatened) to promote Noom… it’s just something I wanted to try and I’m sharing my experience. If you’re interested in trying it and have questions please feel free to ask!


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