3.1 Miles in 36:04

So I almost forgot to give an update on the 5K.

It. Was. Really. Hard.

Somehow the race was harder than training. Maybe it was because I ran faster. Got caught up in all the excitement, I guess. My normal time is 38:00. And while two minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, it was. My legs ached and my breathing was heavier than normal. I mean, it also probably didn’t help that I drank a bit the night before and went to bed late.

(Proof I actually ran below. Courtesy of Cambridge 5K Series.)

Mile one was difficult. It took a while to get into a good pace. Mile two was actually okay… even with a hill. Mile three was really, really, really hard. I wanted to stop and walk so many times in that last mile. I kept thinking about how nice it would be to walk. I had to remind myself the whole time that I could do it. After all, it’s all in your head. Plus, running would make the race be over much faster than walking would. And by mile three I just wanted to be at the finish line. To drink a beer, grab a pretzel, and haul ass to brunch. After all, there was an order of chicken and waffles with my name on them.

In the end, I did it! And I ate delicious chicken and waffles.

Plus a few beers, a pretzel, some weird Irish potato soup, and free Reebok sneakers!!!

I know the next one will be easier, and the one after that will be even easier. I told myself I would run five 5Ks this year, and I plan to keep that promise. And now that I’m feeling better (the bar crawl got me sick… somehow), I’ll be making my way right back to the gym. After all, there’s another race in June!


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