Up All Night to Get Lucky

Saint Patrick’s Day. A day to drink green beer and Irish Car Bombs. Especially in Boston. And since I’m a young whipper snapper, I decided that a bar crawl was in order.

Spoiler alert: 1) I was up all night. 2) I did not get lucky… But I could have.

Now for the protection of all those involved I won’t disclose all the details of the shenanigans (What happens on Landsdown Street stays on Landsdown Street). But LOLOLOL! I did not realize how thirsty Saint Patrick’s Day made people. And not for alcohol (obviously everyone is already drunk).

We started the crawl around 12:30pm and shockingly I was not drunk by 3:30 and blackout by 6:00 as was expected. That said, questionable decisions were made by all. And you know…when in Rome! (See blurry dance floor photo for proof).

So while we were all very responsible during the day – A drink here and there. Bowling and arcade games. Lots of bar food – By the time night fell, so did we. At some point we made friends with this group of guys and while I didn’t think pairing off was something that happened after middle school, that is exactly what happened. And suddenly after countless drinks, dancing slash making out to Irish flute music wasn’t at all weird. It wasn’t until this morning that we realized that the guys we were macking on were 21. More than numbers were exchanged by some.

Luckily, I didn’t go home with the 21 year old stand up comedian. Instead, when the original group disbursed around midnight, I chose to meet up with another group. An Uber ride, a drink, and a Vegas Bomb later, I found myself on another dance floor with another guy in my third make out session of the night. I know, I know. Blame Saint Patrick’s Day.

I don’t think I need to clarify but Coach wasn’t with me yesterday. So none of these make out sessions were with him. And oddly I was (and am) okay with that. Not that things aren’t going well with him, but we’re not exclusive and we haven’t actually defined our relationship (despite the kind of DTR convo).

This last guy is someone I’ve known for a bit but haven’t seen in a while. I had a thing for him and clearly still do. He’s really nice. He gave me his jacket to wear (I didn’t bring one), we ended up going to IHOP, and he drove me home at 5:30am. And even though we had made out on the dance floor there was still an awkward car kiss. I even asked him if it would be weird if I kissed him before kissing him. Because asking that isn’t weird or awkward in any way. I guess that’s my MO.

So that’s my Saint Patrick’s story. Up all night. Did not get lucky (had three chances to). Thank god most of my thirst was quenched by vodka.


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