My mind is tellin’ me no but my body, my body’s tellin’ me yes…

I’m not normally one to quote R. Kelly, because he’s a rapist and in general just a horrible person… but quoting Troy Bolton and saying “my head’s in the game but my heart’s in the song” doesn’t quite work for what I’m about to talk about: the power of the mind.

See…I’m running the 5K tomorrow.

And despite my good intentions to train for it over the last few months, I did not. However, it must be like riding a bicycle because I feel as though I’ve run enough in the recent weeks that I’ll be fine. I even ran the race course this week as practice and finished in 38:00. I didn’t stop to walk once, even though it took me a bit to figure out exactly where I was going and I learned that I can’t run in a straight line to save my life (see my map my run below).

So yes, I can run a 5k no problem. But last night when I ran to the ATM to get cash it was an issue.

Sure, I didn’t have the proper bra on. And I had a few things in my legging pockets that made me feel like my pants were falling down. And I was running a lot faster than I normally do… but I felt like I was dying running a whole four blocks. What is that?!

This morning while scrolling through Pinterest, I saw this:

And it clicked (Not the link…the source site no longer exists). Last night I didn’t run with intent. My head wasn’t in it the same way it is when I’m running longer distances – when I run to practice, to train, for exercise. When I run with intent, I’m on a mission. I tell myself that I’m going to accomplish something and I’m committed to the task at hand.

When I was first learning to run, there would be days I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t run for three minutes even. It wasn’t that I couldn’t. It was that I wouldn’t. I didn’t want to. And the minute my brain realized that, it was all over. My mind was giving up. My body followed suit.

The thing is: our bodies are strong and can handle a lot more than we put them through on a normal day. We were made to survive. I’ve never realized this more than hearing about survivors of violent attacks. They can survive a psychopath serial killer but my mind thinks my body can’t run 3.1 miles?!

I call bullshit.

Anytime you think you can’t, remember that you can. It’s like Kimmy Schmidt says… “You can stand anything for 10 seconds. Then you just start on a new 10 seconds.”

A long run? Up a hill? No problem. Burpees (aka the worst exercise in the world invented by a total masochist)? Get it. Literally whatever it is, approach it with intent and positivity. Know you can do it. And you will.


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