I Didn’t Text You, Tequila Did

Last week I went out with my sister and some of her friends to Citrus & Salt, a newer place on the border of Back Bay and the South End. It’s a tequila bar. With tapas. Let’s just say I was in heaven.

The place has great food and a killer cocktail menu (for anyone that likes tequila). The best part is that everything has a very creative name… the “Take Your Pants Off” (I was tempted) and the “Nancy Botwin” (from Weeds) were my favorite. But me being me, I chose the “I Didn’t Text You, Tequila Did”. Is there a more appropriate name for a tequila drink!?

The answer is no… (unless it were “I Didn’t Text You, Tequila Did and then I blacked out and made out with some random guy on the dance floor at Millennium night).

Anywayssss, the drink is pretty good! I don’t usually like sweet but it had a slight kick to it. I guess the easiest way to describe it is that it’s kind piña colada-y but better and more complex because of the tequila. What can I say, I’m not much of a rum girl. The fun part was that it’s served with a salted caramel paleta (a salted caramel popsicle) and as it melts, the flavor of the drink changes! All I was missing was a beach and a lounge chair.

While it was good, I wasn’t not going to try something else on the menu for my second drink. I wanted something a bit more citrusy and refreshing. The place is named Citrus & Salt for goodness sake so why not? Inspired by my love for ginger beer (Moscow Mules are my jam), I got the “Smoke Show”. And let me just say, that shit was goooood! Mezcal, ginger beer, lime and guava is a refreshing combination I can get behind. Not to smokey, not to sweet, I could have drank those forever. And ever.

I had to work the next morning so I didn’t… but I will definitely be going back because I know just a few people who have a thing for tequila. Will have to try the “Beautiful Liar” because of obvious reasons #Beyoncé.


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