From Gin to Bourbon, and Beyond!

I’m back to drinking gin. #Shocking, I know… but actually I haven’t been drinking much lately. It’s the stress (I’ve accepted a new job. Yay! And given my notice. Eek!) So I’ve replaced alcohol with food… and the one major downside is not having fun drinks to talk about here. Luckily, my sister has risen to the task!

Last night we went out to dinner at my new favorite place: Sulmona. I went with Coach the night of our awkward car first kiss, and just had to go back. The food is AMAZING! My sister and I got the daily arancini and the lamb kabob appetizer. And our meals. Whatever we were celebrating my new job. She got the linguine and clams and I got the wild boar ragú. I’ve literally never gotten anything else there and I’ve been 3 times. I didn’t take a picture though I should have.

So their drink list is awesome. For someone like me who is rarely a whiskey drinker. It’s clear liquor heavy with two bourbon drinks. Of course, I got gin.

My drink: the CU2 (or as I said CU squared since I’m a secret math/physics nerd) was basically a G&T with a cucumber twist… that’s where the CU comes in. It was delicious and as part of the presentation, it’s made with – frozen cube of cucumber that swims with its ice cube friends.

After my sister downed her first drink – the Roman Republic, she decided she wanted to be a princess and have our waiter slash bartender Josh make her something less sweet but still with bourbon. He accepted the challenge and came back with a Orange Ginius made with bourbon. I tasted it and despite my usual dislike for most bourbon drinks, it was decent.

My sister loved it. It’s made with Lilet and Aperol, which are basically her favorite apéritifs (traditionally they are a low-proof alcohol used to stimulate digestion and appetite before and/or a meal). In this drink they enhance the flavor.

Definitely recommend Sulmona. Food and drink are seriously soooo good. If I keep going back, maybe I’ll get something that isn’t the wild boar ragú and Josh will convince me to start drinking bourbon drinks too… that would actually be shocking.


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