Tipping the Scale

I must be doing something right! This morning I got on the scale and it was great! After fluctuating up and down since basically August, I finally broke the 40 lb mark! Only by 1.6 lbs, but still!

Over the last two weeks, I have been back at the gym, done the videos for arms and abs, and gone to yoga. I’ve also been more conscious of what I’m eating and started logging my food on MyFitnessPal again. I even didn’t give in to drunk food or hangover food this weekend. I mean, I definitely drank a lot, but whatever, I can’t win at everything!

Before today I hadn’t set another goal past my 228. And despite knowing I still have a bit to go before my ultimate goal weight, I hadn’t thought much about my next step. But now, I’m inspired to keep going, to look forward to the next milestone.

I’d like to see 215… it’s crazy because it has seemed so far away and unobtainable for so long. And 215 feels so much closer to 200, and then under 200! I don’t even know how I’ll feel then but I know it’ll be worth celebrating. A big celebration!!

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not just about the weight. I feel good and I can feel the changes and see the changes. In the way my body looks and feels, and what it can do. But no matter how good I feel, I will admit that small victories like one I experienced this morning make a difference in a journey that sometimes feels like it’s going to last forever.


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