The Leave Behind

This weekend I spent most of my time with Coach. We went out on a proper date Saturday night and got breakfast on Sunday. And then I saw him again Sunday evening…

So one might think “wow! That’s basically the whole weekend, this is getting serious!” But hold up… while I would’ve loved to see him again Sunday night just because, that was not the case. I saw him again because of The Leave Behind (not that I’m complaining).

The Leave Behind is a trick, or tactic, that one uses as a way to guarantee another get together. Example: a friend of mine recently hooked up with a guy and he left his sweatshirt at her apartment. And his toothbrush #ew. Obviously he’s going to see her again. And if he doesn’t, he’s going to be cold and have bad breath.

Now I want to clarify that the Leave Behind is not a tactic used by the person whose abode y’all were at. If you hide someone’s shit on them just to get them to come back, you are crazy and that person should definitely run.

Moving on. Coach left his cell phone charger. A cell phone charger is something one needs to survive these days. I forgot mine at home today and my phone was at 8% battery by 1pm. I had to borrow a coworkers.

So when I realized he had forgotten it, I called him and told him. He said he realized just moments before I called and that he would have to come by later. By the time he got back to my apartment that evening, his phone was dead. Basically he had no other option but to come back. And I had no other option but to invite him inside. Again, I’m not complaining.

My friend from college put it best. In her best Carrie Bradshaw voice she said: “I couldn’t help but wonder if leaving your phone charger is the new leaving your earring.”

I vote yes.

My reasoning:

  1. We can’t all pull off the OG Leave Behind because we a) don’t have glass slippers, and b) even if we did, would we really run across a grimy club/bar floor barefoot?
  2. At the speed of modern dating, earrings are too small to notice before y’all swipe right on the next person. Phone chargers, on the other hand, are very obvious. Who doesn’t notice extra wires hanging around an outlet wasting electricity?

Unless you really don’t want to see each other ever again, leaving your phone charger basically guaranteed immediate response and action from both parties. Not sure what this says about our society’s inability to unplug, but whatever.

So Coach came back over and we just hung out and watched things and he fell asleep, and for some reason I wasn’t as annoyed by his snoring as I usually am by snoring. And it’s a good thing too, because apparently I left my visitor parking pass in his car. Definitely not the perfect Leave Behind.


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