Do I Know You…?

Okay so the weirdest thing happened a few weeks back, and I didn’t even realize until yesterday. And now, I cannot figure it out!

So about a month ago my sister and I were walking to the train from our apartment and this guy passed us on the other side of the street. I saw him, he saw me, and then he did this weird chuckle thing and shook his head. I noticed it but didn’t think much of it because I didn’t know him. But it made an impression that I couldn’t quite shake.

Yesterday I saw him again. I was heading to work and walked to the train. As I searched for an empty spot on the platform to wait, I saw him. The same guy that did that weird laugh and shake of the head. I stood next to him on the platform and minded my own business, but out of the corner of my eye I tried to get a good look at him. I couldn’t help but think he looked familiar.

If I’m being honest, he fits the physical description of the type of guy I usually go for – tall, dark, handsome, broad shoulders, and a strong jawline. I have a pretty specific type #sueme.

So I start thinking about the last time I saw him… what was that?! I very well could have matched with him on a dating app or even gone out with him… but I. CANNOT. REMEMBER! His reaction makes me feel like we’d gone out and somehow I offended him in some way by not texting back or simply telling him I wasn’t interested. But the only guys I can think about that I did that with are The Moaner and The Cheater. He resembles The Cheater a bit, but like, not enough for me to be convinced it’s him. But that reaction would make sense from him since he messaged me months after I told him I wasn’t interested asking if we could give things another go.

I honestly cannot think of how I know him. He’s not someone I’ve drunkenly made out with, or someone I met through a friend. I’m even wondering if this is a case of mistaken identity and he thinks I’m someone else. Though I feel like I have a pretty unique physical appearance and have actually only been mistaken for someone else once in my whole life.

I might have to confront him next time I see him… in a totally non-confrontational way. But then if I say “hey, do I know you” and I have been out with him… does that make me seem… idk, vain and uncaring?

Either way, if I did actually date him, it would’ve been at least two years ago! That’s a long fucking time and he needs to get over whatever beef he has with me, right? It’s just so weird.


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