Off to the Races!

As I’ve mentioned before, I hadn’t really been running much… so I figured the best way to get back into it was to have a goal. And although I didn’t technically make a new year’s resolution, in December I told myself I would run five 5k races in 2018… and hike more, but it’s too cold for that right now.

Sooooo, a friend and I signed up for a 5k in March! And I’m very excited for it and though I haven’t run that far in a while, I figure I can do it no problem. By no problem, I mean… with some more frequent running sessions and the help of an app and a good playlist.

Today I re-downloaded the C25K app and headed to the gym after work. Since I don’t actually have a full 8 weeks to train and I’ve already done the program, I skipped week 1 and went straight to week 2 – 5 minute warm up and cool down with 90 seconds of running and 2 minutes of walking for a total of 31 minutes.

I will say that I had forgotten just how challenging it is to do intervals, and running for such a short time made it hard to really find my stride. However, I enjoyed it and plan on doing it again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day!

My goals for the training are to:

  • Increase my speed. I run pretty comfortably at 5.5 mph, but would like to find my way to 6 mph. I may also throw in some elevation changes when I’m on the treadmill mostly to give my butt some love.
  • Run more outside. I’m not a fan of global warming, but I won’t complain about a 55 degree day in January. Even if it’s kind of rainy like today. I’m going to try to take advantage of those days and run outside. This will be a challenge if there are a) snowbanks, b) dogs, and c) things to look at #Igetdistractedeasily #Ialsogetlosteasily

In my running adventures, I’ve found that having a program to follow helps. Especially when trying to get into a routine. I know it’s basically the end of January, but I feel like I’m just finding my way back. I know this 5k will help me get there. I’ve paid for it, so I’m doing it!! The only downside to a Sunday morning race is that I can’t go out the night before… maybe I can convince my friend to do a post-race brunch with lots of mimosas as a reward.

Will provide any updates on this. And, of course, a race photo!


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