That Awful Feeling When You Like Someone

Okay, I’m being slightly dramatic. But the feeling you get when you first realize that you actually like someone is the worst. Because (at least in my experience) it’s completely unexpected. I never like the people I should like and end up liking people who I never in a million years thought I’d end up having feelings for.

Wanting to like someone, because objectively they’re a catch, and not liking them is not ideal either. But realizing you actually like someone is like 50 times less ideal because a) you now have feelings you have to deal with, b) you have to consider if they might like you too (or not like you), and c) you basically have to be vulnerable – and being vulnerable sucks.

Once you get over that initial awful feeling, sometimes it’s good. A lot of the time it’s good. You get to know someone and share intimate moments and make memories. And then sometimes y’all live happily ever after, etc. And sometimes you don’t. And sometimes that feels awful.

Then there’s the other option where it just continues to feel bad. Because a lot of the time liking someone amounts to nothing aside from a crush. And we all know why it’s called a crush! So that crush lasts for four years and it sucks because you continue to be friends and watch him date like all of your other friends and random other girls and you only get over it one day when you see him wearing a stupid orange bandanna and wonder why you even liked him and why you wasted all that time on someone that wears an orange bandana.

So I’m not sure which is worse, but both have the potential to be awful. And that’s why it feels awful when realize you like someone.

Maybe it’s worth it.


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