When Sober January is Not for You

Lots of people are observing Sober January at the moment… it’s like No Shave November, but for your liver. It’s a great test of willpower and commitment. Not to mention it probably saves them a ton money when they go out to dinner or brunch. Good for them.

But my question is: why choose the darkest, coldest, most disappointing month of the year to give up the one thing that got you through the holidays?!

After spending the weekend drinking wine and relaxing, I realized Sober January isn’t for everyone. And it definitely isn’t for me (or my sister since she’s the one who requested this post).

I have given up alcohol a few times to aid weight loss as it really helps, so it’s not like I’m against giving up alcohol. Like many others, I will attempt to hang out with friends who are observing. But instead of complaining, rejoice in the fact that you’re still drinking and make plans! And if you’re really not about it, remember that if alcohol got you through all the family functions since November, it can get you through this.

When Sober January (SJ) just isn’t for you…

1. Refresh your memory. Remind yourself that you still like your friend even though she’s not drinking. While you’re at it, remind her that she can go to a bar and not have a drink.

2. Mix it up. If all your friends are observing SJ and absolutely refuse to head to the bar, grab a cocktail shaker and get Googling. Making your own drinks at home is fun and significantly less expensive than going out. That way, y’all can hang out without the bar.

3. Channel your inner Kelly Clarkson. If your friend is being a little preachy, remember that you don’t have to do things with other people all the time. Make trying the new tequila bar in your neighborhood a solo adventure. Especially if tequila makes you an angry drunk… inviting your friend (who is already getting on your nerves) probably isn’t the best idea.

I’m not saying that you should do Drunk January instead, but don’t feel bad about not doing Sober January. You’re doing yoga and drinking eight glasses of water every day. That takes willpower too! Plus, January is prime red wine and whiskey time. Get it.



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