YouTube Workouts for When I “Don’t Have Time” for the Gym

By “don’t have time” I obviously mean “don’t want to, but still feel like I should go”.

YouTube is the perfect solution and I don’t have to leave my apartment! There are so many different workout videos online and of course if you really don’t have time, do a 10 or 15 minute video. I usually have the time, but not the attention span. They pack a lot into a short workout and you’ll be surprised at how much you sweat (my sister actually told me to put on my go-to for kettle bell any time she complains about being cold).

My go-to videos:

Kettlebell & Abs

I’ve always had a hard time finding instructors that I like, so when I discovered Amy from BodyFit by Amy, I was thrilled. She does a ton of different types of exercises so there are lots of options. Plus her voice isn’t annoying. I’ve been doing her 10 minute kettlebell video off and on for over a year and recently bought a new 10 lb kettlebell since the 5 lb one was feeling a bit too easy.

Amy is probably one of the only reasons I do abs. While I don’t mind crunches and lower ab leg moves, I hate planks. Standing abs is the perfect ab routine for when I’m feeling lazy but still want an ab work out.


I actually found out about Rebecca Louise from a pin I saved to my Fit-spiration Pinterest board for this video. She’s cute and quirky, but also not annoying (it really is a deal breaker for me). I started doing this workout with 5 lb hand weights and thought my arms were going to fall off so I went out and bought myself 3 lb weights. I’ve worked my way up to the 5 lb weights now, and while I still have “bingo wings”, I can definitely see results.


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