10 Excuses for Canceling a Date

I’ll admit that I’m one of those people who thoroughly enjoys when someone cancels plans with me. The sense of relief when you get the “I can’t go out, I’m sick” text is sooo real. However, there is no worse feeling than not getting any notice of cancelation when it comes to dating. Especially since most of the time there is a decent amount of effort put into figuring out what you could wear to work that was cute enough to wear on a date.

Earlier this week, I had made plans for Friday to grab dinner and head to a movie (Inspired by “3 Date Ideas That Prove it is Never Too Cold Outside to Go on a Date”) with a guy I’d been texting. Yesterday morning, I sent him a text to confirm that we were still on. I heard nothing and by 5:00 I correctly assumed he’d bailed and made plans with a co-worker to grab drinks. #bestpartoftheday

Now, I understand that things come up. He could be swamped at work, or came down with a nasty case of the runs. Whatever it is, really I don’t care. I just wanted a response!

Here’s a list of excuses that you can send when you’re just not feeling it so you can avoid coming off as a totally inconsiderate person when you cancel your plans.

1. I have to be home to watch my cat/dog lick himself


2. I have to return my overdue Audible audiobooks


3. I have to get an oil change for my friend’s car


4. I need to wash my hair (My sister actually uses this all the time but it is 100% not a lie)


5. My grandmother is in town and is taking me to Legal Seafood


6. I have to delete the 34,915 unread emails in my inbox (this is actually my inbox)


7. My mom needs to lecture me about my horrible budgeting and nonexistent love life


8. I need to alphabetize my nail polishes in order of by when I should have thrown them out


9. The circus is in town and I need to see my dad


Or wait for it…

10. Be straightforward and say something like:

“Hey, I gotta cancel tonight. Let’s rain check.”

Problem solved. Everyone knows a rain check means you’ll never actually ever go out anyways.


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