How You Too Can Achieve Rihanna-Level Body Positivity

Today, one of my best friends from college told me that she’s been channeling her inner Rihanna lately. Now, I’m not talking about wearing completely sheer tops and dresses and using a full glass of wine as an accessory (though no question my friend could pull off both), but the positive attitude Rihanna has had toward her body.

Most people are aware of the response to “Thick Rihanna” or “Thickanna” that has been happening on the interwebs basically since May. BuzzFeed covered it and Bossip (never heard of this before now) had a whole thing it being “The Best Christmas Gift of All 2017”. Shockingly, I don’t disagree with that, but not for the same reason. It is the attitude that Rihanna has about her body that is the gift that we can and should learn from.

In an interview with The Cut Rihanna talks about how she has a “fluctuating body type” and that what she fits into and feels good in one day might not work the next day. She goes on to explain that she dresses everyday for “what’s working for” her body.


My friend is doing exactly that and she told me it’s completely changing the relationship she has with her clothes and body. Instead of heading to her closet in the morning with an idea of what she wants to wear that day, she’s thinking about how her body feels and how the clothes she chooses will work with that.

“Like right now, I’m really feeling my ass and legs, so I’ve been wearing skinny jeans more often which I don’t usually do,” she explained. “Normally I feel like they’re too tight around my waist but right now they’re servicing the parts of my body that are making me feel most confident.”

So how do we get to Rihanna’s level of being body positive? She’s a celebrity with a team of stylists and trainers and chefs, etc. But I’m going to bet that Rihanna had to get there on her own. And you can too!

1. Stay positive. If you focus on the parts of your body you don’t like (ex. your tummy), you’re not even going to notice the things that you do like (ex. your boobs) when you put on that low cut body suit.

rihanna (1)

2. Be forgiving. Your body probably fluctuates too! Maybe you’re at that point in your cycle where you’ve eaten all of the cookies and you feel bloated and there is literally nothing you like about your body. It’s okay! It will pass.

rihanna (2)

3. Listen to how your body feels. How you feel is really all that matters. Your pants could be tight but you feel like a rock star this week. Why get yourself down about it? Own the good feelings!

rihanna (3)


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