What I Hate Most About Going to the Gym

The gym is a wonderful place. And because I have an irrational fear of getting lost when running outdoors, it is also where I do 90% of my physical activity. I’ve learned to really enjoy going to the gym. It gives me an excuse to get out of the office at lunch time and avoid the awkward kitchen conversations.

However. There are a few things I really hate about going to the gym (listed in order of occurrence).

1. Going.

2. Rushing to find my keys in my purse so they can scan my membership card thing.

3. Naked people in the locker rooms.

4. The sinks that I always think are automatic because the paper towel dispenser is, but they aren’t.

5. When the floor mat area is packed.

Hate gym images (2)

6. Feeling like I’m taking up too much space while I stretch.

7. Holding my phone while I stretch.

8. Realizing holding my phone isn’t working and deciding to put my phone in my bra while I stretch.

9. Having to take my phone out of my bra to switch the song I’m listening to while I stretch.

10. People who take gym selfies.

11. Couples who work out together.

Hate gym images

12. Couples who work out together AND take gym selfies together.

13. When someone is using the weight machine I want to use.

14. When people don’t wipe off their machines after they use them.

15. Losing count of how many reps I’ve done on said weight machine.

16. Guys that grunt while lifting weights.

Hate gym images (1)

17. When someone is using my treadmill.

18. When someone is using the treadmill next to my treadmill.

19. When someone is using the treadmill next to my treadmill and I have to fart.

Hate gym images (3)

20. The fact that the TVs no longer get the Food Network.

21. When the TV doesn’t have captions.

22. When the songs on my playlist don’t match up tempo-wise to the speed I’m running.

23. When my headphones get ripped out of my ears while I’m running.

24. Realizing that I forgot to put my age and weight into the machine and therefore did not get an accurate estimate of how many calories I burned.

25. Having to rush to shower.

Hate gym images (4)

26. Wearing shower sandals.

27. Not wearing shower sandals.

Hate gym images (5)

28. How small the towels are.

29. Putting on pants while still not 100% dry.

30. Going back to work.

Hate gym images (6).png


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