Gin Cocktails: Not Just for Summer

One of my Mom’s friends (whom I love) recently mentioned that she only drinks gin from May to September… anddd while I get what she’s saying, it’s like only wearing white before Labor Day and not combining black and brown in your wardrobe.

These are rules that just don’t matter anymore.

Fuck it! What Not To Wear has been off the air for years anyways. Do what you want and white in the winter to blend in with the snow. It a new kind of camouflage! And if we wore brown leggings with brown boots, the fall uniform sure would look stupid.

So drink gin in the winter! It’s delicious!

It has actually become my liquor of choice (I know, I’ve really grown since the days of lemon drop shots and crawling up a staircase from the beach). I was just Park Restaurant & Bar in Harvard Square and I ordered a gin drink! A Bee’s Knees to be more exact.

img_3861Classic Bee’s Knees is 2 oz gin, 3/4 oz lemon juice, and 3/4 oz honey.

When I asked Sam, the bartender who is now my friend, what makes the drink perfect, he said “It’s all about presentation”. He then went on to explain that if he had just poured the drink into just any cup and handed it to me, it wouldn’t be as good.

Soooo I get what he means, but I think it would still taste the same and I know I would still drink it. Trust me.

Even if you don’t like gin, you will like a Bee’s Knees.

And if you already think a Bee’s Knees is, well, the bee’s knees and want a bit of a twist – head to Union Square in Somerville and hit up Brass Union for a B’s Knees. They add St. George Spiced Pear, basil, cucumber to theirs and it’s pretty darn good.

Oh, and Sam told me about a new gin bar called Our Fathers Deli in Allston. No doubt I will be checking it out very soon.



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