3 Date Ideas That Prove it is Never Too Cold Outside to Go on a Date.

So, here’s the story:

I recently went out on a couple of dates with a guy I met through a dating app. Yes, Tinder.

Anyways, the other day I sent him a text asking how he was and seeing what he’d been up to over the holidays. It had been a few weeks since we’d been seen each other but with Christmas, I didn’t think much of it. We texted every so often. Shortly after I texted him, he responded and asked me a few questions about my trip up to my parent’s house.

I then asked him when he wanted to get together again. And he said:

“I’m managing my finances right now and this weather isn’t kind. So yo no sé.” 

Okay, so I get it – I’m broke too. But that doesn’t stop me from going out on dates or otherwise. Now don’t pull the girls don’t pay crap, because I do. Or at least I always offer. And not in that way that is just to be nice. TBH It makes me super uncomfortable to have someone pay for my shit. Yes, money is tight, but I’m a strong, independent, woman. Like Beyoncé. “The shoes on my feet – I bought it”. I also have a lot of shoes. That I don’t wear.

But saying you don’t know when you can go out because of the weather?!

As some of you know, it’s winter time here in New England. And it’s fucking freezing. I’ve been wearing my giant puffy jacket with the fur hood, a scarf, gloves, ear warmers, and fleece lined leggings under my pants. If I had a choice, I would probably not go outside until April or May.

But is it ever too cold to date?

No. No, it is not. Try one of these date ideas and stop being a wuss.

1. Ice Skating


Think of literally any Hallmark movie or the classic Serendipity. Guy and girl go ice skating together and it’s cute and romantic because they hold hands so neither of them falls, etc. Ice skating is super fun. There are a bunch of places where you can go ice skating and *cough* it’s basically free *cough*.

Also, rollerskating dates are not as cute. You will not look like Beyoncé in Blow.

2. Grab Coffee


A coffee date is not original and is actually my go to first date. If they don’t drink coffee, they probably aren’t for me.

Now coffee is the perfect cold weather date because of two reasons – 1) the actual coffee; 2) the fact that the shop you get it at will likely have comfy lounge chairs and maybe even a small bookstore attached. It’s the comfort of being at home while also not being at home.

Bonus: if you decide 10 minutes in that he is the worst, a coffee date can be quick. Or you can just leave.

3. See a Movie


I normally do not like movie dates. However, they are perfect for winter time. So many movies you don’t actually want to see come out around Christmas. But, you are indoors. And you have popcorn. Also, most movie theaters now have a bar…

Biggest reason to go to the movies on a date (maybe not the first date) is the same reason you went to the movies on a date when you were 16. Cue fake yawn-arm stretch combo, awkward hand holding, and back row make out session. #TheOriginalNetflixandChill

If you’re not going out this winter, you’re doing it wrong.

If you can’t skate, hate coffee, and have already seen everything in theaters, make yourself a hot toddy and find a roaring fire and things are sure to heat up… just when you need it.


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