The 5 Types of Guys to Date in 2018

So from New Year, not so New Me, y’all know I’m not interested in becoming a New Me now that it’s 2018. I’m perfectly content and will not be setting unrealistic expectations as I work my way to my summer body. What I am interested in is New Men! #SendInTheSuitors

Here are the 5 types of guys you should date this year.


He’s not afraid to march with a pink pussy hat on his head and is all for freedom of speech and expression. Sexual expression. Your pussy will thank you. And, no, I’m not talking about your hat.


He’s not a nerd… he’s just really passionate about learning. He might have his Masters in biology, but he’s never been great at chemistry so there’s still a chance you can teach him something.


He’s not just nice to look at. He knows his shit and could probably help you out at the gym. Plus, I’m not joking about the endurance. Just don’t let it get so far that you become one of those couples that takes mirror selfies together at the gym.


He knows what he wants and he works hard to get it – in his professional and personal life. His drive is intense; his ambition, extremely attractive. Helping him unplug and relax after a long day at the office might just be what you both need to get that raise.


He might not know where he is all the time, but he’s never lost. He’s in it for the experience and wants to take the road less traveled. If being adventurous isn’t typically your thing, this guy will help get you out of your comfort zone, and into some trouble.


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