TFW You Get on the Scale After Basically a Month+ of Stress Eating/Drinking

It’s January 2nd, the first real day of the year. To celebrate, I stepped onto the scale that we keep tucked away in the bathroom. Maybe I’m a slight masochist.

The scale told me I’d gained 5 lbs. Lovely.

Needless to say, I was disappointed in myself. Why hadn’t I had less bacon-bourbon apple pie at Thanksgiving? Or not drank so much eggnog throughout basically the entire month of December? And I instantly regretted the dozens of Christmas cookies and liters of alcoholic beverages I had consumed in the last two weeks.

But after a minute I realized one very important thing: I feel great!

I’ve been seriously enjoying life. I spent the last week with family, received wonderful, thoughtful presents, eaten delicious food and great drinks! I had a fling with a guy I’ll probably never see or speak to again and it was great! AND I rang in the New Year with friends and pizza. Who doesn’t like pizza?! (Bonus: I found an outlet for the constant narrative going on in my brain.)

5 lbs is nothing! I’ve probably eaten a 5 lb burrito from Chipotle (back before the norovirus situation. But I’m sure their food is fine now).

The holidays are stressful and I am definitely a stress eater. And you know what makes family parties bearable? Drinking all of the wine! Three of the tiny plastic glasses are equal to one normal adult glass anyways.

But I’m not going to let whatever my scale told me this morning get me down, and you shouldn’t either!




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