My Favorite Warming Winter Cocktail

What I’m looking for: A drink that is cold in temperature but feels warm going down

Winter is really hard for me when it comes to drinking because a) I never want to leave my house and b) because the cold weather makes red wine my drink of choice. Not that there is anything wrong with red wine… but it can get old pretty quickly when it’s 10 degrees out but “feels like” negative 13 and you need something slightly stronger.

The solution: Whiskey (Shocking, I know)

Whiskey. Bourbon. Scotch. Basically all of drinks that are stereotypically drank by old men with beards. #MyStepDad

The thing is, I’m not a big whiskey drinker. 99% of the time it makes me feel like a hole is being burned into the back of my throat. Not a pleasant sensation.

But! My prayers have been answered by a little drink called Cabin Fever. Created by my friend Juan, the drink is perfect for a New England winter.


Ingredients include: Rye Whiskey, Cherry Liquor, Orgeat (I have no idea what this is), Lime Juice, and Walnut Bitters. The look is completed ever so nicely with cherries and a lime garnish.

It tastes kind of fruity, but not sweet. And a bit nutty, which gives the whole drink some unexpected depth. When he was trying out the ratios, I tried my hand at naming it. The Nutty Professor along with Not Your Grandma’s Fruitcake, was a crowd favorite. In the end, Cabin Fever won, and it couldn’t be more fitting.

While I’m not at liberty to share the exact recipe, if you want to try it, you can make your way over to Central Kitchen or Brick & Mortar in Central Square, Cambridge. It’s not on the menu, but you can tell Juan I sent you.


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