Let Introduce Myself… and my Blog

My name is Jenn.

I feel like I’m at summer camp (which I went to and worked for over 15 summers) and this is one of those ice breaker activities. You might not think so, but there are not many adjectives that start with the letter J. Jolly should be used exclusively for Santa. Jumpy or jumping are reserved for beans and or hyperactive children. And I’m not what one would describe as joyful or joyous… so much so that my Mother’s nickname for me is Joy. Because I was anything but a joy to raise. Especially during adolescence. But who is?

My Mom was actually just visiting for a few days. It was nice to have her around but by the time she left, I was happy to see her go and was inspired to do this blog.

Let me explain.

My mom and I went out to lunch. During lunch she told me that one of my guy friends – who I may or may not have had, and possibly still have, a very slight crush on – is gay. Not even that she thinks he’s gay, but that he is 100% gay. She of course tells me this because she wants to me not have a crush on him and “find someone”. Her words. Make a note of them. Lucky for me, I had a glass of red wine and a lobster pasta dish to keep me occupied. I told her that my feelings for him were not standing in the way of finding someone else.

I did not tell her that I wished she would go home already so I could have the guy I’d been talking to on Tinder over for meaningless sex. Mothers don’t typically like to hear that the relationships you do have are not on the path to marriage and babies.

Anyways… when I’m not at work, I spend my time working out, cooking, eating, and drinking. And sometimes dating. Hence the title of this blog. Body. Booze. and Boys.


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